Frida Vintage Denim Dress


Got to love the classic 90s denim dress! How cute is the embroidered floral detail?Soft Chambray material, featuring metallic button at the straps & side waist. Styled with our exclusive black turtle neck knit top.

Vintage Condition: A Grade + washed

    • Fits XS, S, M 
    • 6, 8, 10, 12
    • Model size S / S 8 / 170cm 

GRANDMA FUNK FUN FACT - Every vintage piece in our collection is hand picked. We don't buy our vintage in a blind pick. There are many sorting houses around the world where you can purchase vintage by the bag. We do things a little different every piece is inspected & picked from mountains of denim. Our pieces are well travelled & we do our best to support a more sustainable world. We believe only the best vintage should make it's way to your wardrobe & carefully check our pieces to ensure we haven't missed anything!