90's Vintage Lee Riders Unisex Demin Jacket

$99.00 $129.00

James Dean and John Lennon were known for their unique style and often wore denim jackets. A lot of denim jackets these days are produced with synthetic material, where as vintage denim is made from raw durable fibres. Add this timeless piece to your wardrobe and pair this with any outfit for a casual look, or create a double denim look with your fave pair of ripped jeans. You won't be needing to purchase a denim jacket every season with a vintage piece!

Vintage Condition: A Grade Mint Condition + Washed 

Colour: Medium Wash Denim 

Size: L (fits S, M, L, XL) 

Model - Size 6, 150cm tall

GRANDMA FUNK FUN FACT - Every vintage piece in our collection is hand picked. We don't buy our vintage in a blind pick. There are many sorting houses around the world where you can purchase vintage by the bag. We do things a little different every piece is inspected & picked from mountains of denim. Our pieces are well travelled & we do our best to support a more sustainable world. We believe only the best vintage should make it's way to your wardrobe & carefully check our pieces to ensure we haven't missed anything!