Vintage 80s Code Bleu Unisex Denim Jacket


"I think denim is something everyone feels comfortable in. It's kind of my uniform, really" - Clemence Poesy 

Vintage Condition: B Natural visible distressed frays visible on the sleeves adding to its vintage aesthic

Colour: Olive Washed Distressed 

Tag - say Extra Large  

Model - Size 6, 150cm tall

Origin - Made in Japan

GRANDMA FUNK FUN FACT - Every vintage piece in our collection is hand picked. We don't buy our vintage in a blind pick. There are many sorting houses around the world where you can purchase vintage by the bag. We do things a little different every piece is inspected & picked from mountains of denim. Our pieces are well travelled & we do our best to support a more sustainable world. We believe only the best vintage should make it's way to your wardrobe & carefully check our pieces to ensure we haven't missed anything!