Our Story

Generation Grandma Funk

Grandma Funk is more than just clothes; it’s an attitude. 

We're all about empowering a generation of women to be confident and dare to dream, wear the clothes they want and embody the confidence to do so.

At Grandma Funk, vintage is the new black. Come and be a part of a new generation, #GenerationGrandmaFunk. 

Grandma Funk’s Chapel Street store is a colourful and patterned little space ploughing through the mundane world of Melbourne Monochrome. Our mission of empowerment really begins with providing women with clothes that are unique and high quality, items that express their own charisma and personality. 

We believe that the right clothes can enhance your confidence, empower you to walk with your head held a little higher and help you to find your own strength. At Grandma Funk, our garments are designed to help enhance your inner confidence and make your own statement on the crowded Melbourne streets. When you walk into Grandma Funk, it’s like walking into another world, surrounded by friendly faces of the same kind of peculiarity as yourself, with pieces to make you feel beautiful, funky and as perfectly individual as you were when you walked into our store.

With a combination of on-trend pieces and vintage - Grandma Funk is both a reminder of times past and the bright future we are helping to nurture. Since our conception we have grown substantially, however, as we have evolved we have remained true to the essence of why we began, real people, helping real people embrace their real power and inner rainbow.

In-store we offer a personalised experience, trained stylists ready to make your day and remind you of your own confidence, be ready to be stopped on the street by people asking where you got your outfit. 

The name Grandma Funk came about through creator, Melissa Chacon’s love for vintage, and the time she would spend creating garments with her Grandma while growing up. As Grandma Funk has developed, you will often still find pieces in our collection that are reminiscent of Mel’s childhood, whether that is a cute pinafore, bobby socks, or a good pair of vintage Doc Martens.

The Grandma Funk brand has received a lot of attention, from magazine features to the international runway at New York Fashion Week. With a fan base in the US, UK and NZ; we ask you to put your patch jacket on and join us on our mission of empowerment - Generation Grandma Funk is ready to take on the world!